Animation on AfterEffects

After designing, I did a quick animation test on it in AfterEffects:

I used a recommended rig called ‘Duik’, it was easy at first, but later I found that it was really troublesome, as I modify the character model, it tends to ruin the rig, the additional layers it makes for the rigs causes lagging and also bothersome all around. So I don’t think I’ll use it again…

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 6.38.25 PM.png

after animating the character, I realized that the animation doesn’t convey how much the cat wants to become a cow, so I added cow posters and an additional introduction. With that done, here’s my final animation piece again without sounds…

Animating with AfterEffects using Illustrator’s vectored paths is relatively fast and simple. Illustrator allows me to draw out simple shapes with an overall clean aesthetic, while after effects allows me to bend these shapes using puppet-pins/mesh, the animation process is relatively simple since the program moves the shapes from one key frame to another smoothly and easy ease allows me add cushioning to the animation, making it less stiff.

However, while animating, I often find strange glitches to my time-remaps, so it sometimes views other frames while on the timeline, I don’t see any extra frames in. Most of the time, I end up having to check the Pre-compose files and redo time-remapping on the layer.